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Chinese Traditional Foot Massage is a well-established ancient massage and its history goes back more than 2000 years in China.

Everyday our feet support all our bodies’ weight and 90% of all blood remains in the lower body, depleting blood supply to the brain. Dizziness and the feeling of Cold Feet in winter can be corrected by regular feet massage which strengthens the body’s blood circulation and allows for oxygen to get to the brain more easily.

You will feel your mind becoming ‘clearer’, enhance your endocrine system, and raise your body’s defense system, balance blood fat, blood sugar and blood pressure. A foot massage can also relieve insomnia and gastro-related ailments.

"Our professional Chinese pedicures- we remove hard skin, clip and clean your toenails and do not paint the toenails"

Happy Feet means a happy body and a happy mind!!

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